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High Combat Sales

High Combat Sales Team is about seizing new accounts and new markets with your existing sales teams. In today’s world of fading loyalties, conventional recognition and incentives will not last long.  What it takes to build a furious, ruthless, total sales team ?

What is High Combat Sales (HCS)? 

HCS - To seize new accounts and expand your market presence.

If your organization is not adding new logos to its clientele list and surviving solely on its existing customer repeat business, it’s a sign of weakness that is setting in.

Let’s not blame the product/service, sales pitch, target markets or your Go To Market Strategy.

With ever-growing competition and shrinking markets,If your Organization is affected by

  • No New Customer Logos
  • Declining Sales Numbers
  • Declining Profits                
  • Weak Funnels                     
  • Low Morale of the Sales Team                         
  • Not Confident SalesTeam
  • Churn in the Sales Team
  • Low Per Person Productivity
  • Losing Existing Customers to  the Competition

Why The Catalyst Cube ?

With more than 20 years of proven experience and expertise in the field of sales, it’s the definite seasoned experience for us that comes to play naturally.

We understand teams, the leadership game, the right environments to power the sales team to compete and deliver on their targets.

We develop a focussed sales plan for the teams that will strengthen the organization’s market position by expanding into the competition’s customer base in a time-bound execution plan

We bet to increase your sales revenues by 25% with your existing sales team by implementing "High Combat Sales" through our expertise that scripted major success to many Organizations
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